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Cosmetic or Aesthetic Surgery is a subset of Plastic Surgery dealing with treating people without any active disease process. Plastic and reconstructive surgery principles are the base on which cosmetic surgery has evolved.

Though Cosmetic Surgery has been around for many years in India, it is gradually gaining more acceptance. The reasons for this are increased awareness regarding the options, wider availability of the procedures and affordability.

Looking good and keeping fit, helps build ones confidence to take on the challenges in life. People want to look good in their roles, be it as an officer, a corporate employee or even as a young housewife. It is no longer only for the celebrities and is no more only for the fairer sex.

Cosmetic Surgery in India & cosmetic surgery in Bangalore is hence coming of age. But I still see the presence of a huge lacuna regarding the understanding of these procedures amongst the general public. This is my effort to help reduce the same and increase the patients understanding of what we do and what it entails to undergo a cosmetic procedure.

Cosmetic surgery is not about changing who you are, it is about maintaining your individuality, which makes you the person you are, but along with removing any flaws there might be. That is our aim and hence our tag line.... "Redefining You” ...more

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